Sonoco to showcase its latest innovation and sustainable packaging solutions at Interpack 2023 as it celebrates 100 years of presence in Europe

Rigid paper containers, in-mould labelling, and industrial solutions will all feature on the Sonoco stand at Interpack 2023, as Sonoco presents the latest developments in both its consumer and industrial protective solutions.

Hockenheim, Germany – On its stand (C34, Hall 9) at Interpack 2023, in Düsseldorf, Sonoco will exhibit its broad range of sustainable packaging solutions – from fibre-based and IML consumer products – to a range of tubes and cores and other industrial solutions.

Beyond its products, Sonoco will also be emphasising its track record as an effective partner to help packaging production companies and brands to meet both their environmental and their commercial goals.

Francesco Giannolo, Vice President and General Manager at Sonoco Consumer Products Europe, comments: “We are very excited to see our peers, customers and other stakeholders, face-to-face at Interpack 2023 – the first event of its kind since the pandemic.

“Visitors to our stand will not only see our full portfolio of consumer and industrial solutions in-person, but they will also find out how we can tailor our products to meet their business needs and sustainability goals too.”

From CO2 reduction to boosting shelf appeal and navigating complex regulation, Sonoco offers tailor-made solutions to brands, no matter what their converting journey looks like.

In light of this, Sonoco’s theme at Interpack 2023 is #destination

  • #destinationreduceCO2 – Helping customers to be greener with sustainable packaging solutions.
  • #destinationallpaper – Increasing paper content in fibre-based packaging – making recycling easier.
  • #destinationshelfappeal – Guiding customers to sustainable, yet eye-catching packaging.

Sonoco will also use Interpack to announce that current Sonoco sub-companies – including Sonoco-Alcore, Conitex, Papertech and Skjern – will now collectively be recognised as Sonoco.


At Interpack, demonstrating its position as a leader in the sustainable packaging field, Sonoco will exhibit its packaging solutions – which not only have shelf appeal, but deliver on manufacturing efficiency and sustainability too.

EnviroCan™ and GREENCAN®

Recyclable by design, the EnviroCan™ rigid paperboard can is made of up to 85% recycled material.

The can body is made with recycled fibre and the solution features a highly effective oxygen and moisture barrier layer, which assures food safety and preserves shelf-life, while ensuring that recycling is straight-forward through the household paper and cardboard stream.

The GREENCAN® recyclable paperboard package is made of 92-98% paperboard and features a wide range of barrier properties. Available in multiple shapes and sizes – from round, square or rectangular; to oval, oblong or triangular – it is the ultimate ‘all-paper’ can, providing a highly recyclable, mono-material packaging solution, with robust barrier properties.

GREENCAN® also features an integrated paper lid, so when empty, the whole package can go through the household paper recycling stream. This makes it simple and convenient for the consumer and for the whole recycling process.

The EnviroCan™ and GREENCAN® rigid paper containers have a lower weight and reduced environmental footprint than comparably sized metal cans or other rigid packaging types.

The ranges are suitable for the food and drink, beauty and pharma markets, and are already used by some of the most iconic global brands.


Made from recyclable fibre, the ENVIROSTICK™  line was developed to meet cosmetics brands’ goals for recyclable packaging. The three-piece tube enables the product to be pushed up, while the exterior remains flexible for label design.


Designed for use with rigid paper containers, Sonoco’s diverse portfolio of ends and closures is part of its end-to-end product offering for its customers.

In addition to showcasing its standard polypropylene lids and membranes at Interpack, Sonoco will also exhibit:

  • Multi-purpose membranes, which are part of Sonoco’s GREENCAN® portfolio
  • A prototype of the paper sprinkler and PS (polystyrene) free sprinkler
  • Paper over cap lids, which are already serving as an end-to-end, top-to-bottom all paper can solution for Sonoco’s customers
  • The Vegetop compostable sprinkler, produced by Vegeplast – a French company and partner of Sonoco, which specialises in manufacturing bio-sourced and biodegradable including sprinklers and lids.

In-Mould Labelling

Sonoco is a specialist manufacturer of thin wall packaging featuring In-Mould Labelling (IML). It develops new solutions and invests in production lines to offer high quality, unique and bespoke IML products – many of which will be exhibited at Interpack 2023.

Sonoco’s IML product offering includes:

  • Bi-colour injection moulding, which adds a luxurious appearance to the packaging and allows for even more differentiation on the shelf
  • Monomaterial Packaging
  • Full-Cover IML-cup – Seamless transitions from sides to bottom label
  • Packaging suitable for frozen, chilled and ambient stored content
  • ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certified

Other products on display:


With the wide range of engineered solutions for applications in the Film & Label, Textile, Paper Mill, Specialty and Protective sectors, Sonoco can meet your requirements. Sonoco Alcore S.a.r.l. is wholly owned by Sonoco and operates more than 20 tube and core plants with multiple on-side operations in customer locations, and six paper core board mills in Europe. LATEST NEWS: Skjern Paper is now part of the Sonoco Family!

We’re proud to welcome a company with a history of producing quality, sustainable products into our Sonoco organization to serve our customers even better.

Paper Mills Cores

Sonoco provides a complete line of quality products and services tailored specifically to the exact needs of printing and writing, newsprint, tissue, paperboard (bleached and unbleached), pulp, nonwoven and specialty grades of paper.


Sonoco Alcore offers a range of textile cores to suit your product requirements. Our textile solutions enable producers to maximise efficiency and increase productivity, all with flexible and fast turnaround times.

At Interpack, Sonoco Alcore will exhibit from its textile range:

  • PrinTex® Core
  • Intellitextcore™
  • Hi-Radius Cores
  • EcoSPAN®

Film, Tape and Labels

Sonoco Alcore provides a variety of reliable, durable and strong cores for films, tape and labels in different diameters and thicknesses to meet our customers’ requirements.

  • Dricore NG
  • QS Series
  • Radical Core
  • General Film Cores


Sonoco Alcore will exhibit its SonoPost solution at Interpack. SonoPost is a sustainable solution that can be used to protect large goods. Available in a variety of lengths and shaped into special profiles to hug corners and protect edges, SonoPost technology offers superior stacking strength, crush resistance and cushioning protection. SonoPost offers the replacement of EPS foamed corner protection for large goods, even with sensitive surfaces.


For more than 100 years, Sonoco has collected wastepaper and cardboard, reprocessed it into paperboard and converted it into useful products.

Visit our stand to learn about our three European recycling facilities in the UK, Italy and Greece.

Adam Wood, Vice President and General Manager at Sonoco comments: “This year marks the 100-year anniversary of Sonoco in Europe, and Interpack provides the perfect opportunity to welcome visitors to our stand to learn about Sonoco’s unique culture and the rich history that has helped us to grow into the well-established global brand that we are today. But more importantly, it’s also an opportunity for visitors to learn how our products and our expertise are helping a huge range of packaging producers and the brands they serve – whatever their journey.”

Additional Resources

At Interpack, Sonoco’s experts will be available to advise and educate. Topics available for discussion will include:

  • Current and future recycling/waste management in Europe
  • The role of technological innovation in reducing waste and boosting recycling rates
  • The role of packaging in reducing food waste
  • The impact of on-pack recycling messages on consumer behaviour
  • Consumers’ perception of paper versus metal packaging
  • Market growth for paper packaging

Contact us to book a session with our experts: https://sonocoeurope.com/interpack-2023/#interpack-form