Year: 2013


Print saves the day and makes the sale

Author: Patrick Anderson

Last month I attended a festival in Croatia on the beautiful island of Pag, a remote dot of land within the northern Adriatic Sea. Swapping wrist watches for wristbands, my friends and I headed to Hideout Festival for week-long jaunt on a beach to enjoy a medley of our favourite DJs and artists.


It’s Summer! Get business networking

Author: AD Communications

Just because it’s the summer and sunny outside, doesn’t mean that new business opportunities should be left in the dark. Now is the time to be reviewing your contacts and looking at creative ways to network or rekindle past business relationships to gain new business.


Eye catching covers make all the difference

Author: Lucy Williams

As AD’s receptionist, part of my role involves booking into our system all of the magazines that we receive on a daily basis; we get a stack of post, including a high volume of magazines and lots of packages (mainly for Greg!)


Social media – In time of crisis, be prepared

Author: Lucy O’Dea

Whether you are a fan of social media and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, or you preferred life before the plethora of instant online news, gossip and interaction, social media is here to stay.


A week in the life of a work experience student at AD

Author: Jessica Sansom

Taking my first tentative steps into the AD Communications building on Monday morning, I have to admit I was more than a little apprehensive. Having come from the backdrop of quiet, rural North Devon, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this bustling city firm and was afraid I’d be out of my depth as I entered blindly into the world of B2B PR and marketing communications; but I needn’t have worried.


LOL – do you love me or are you laughing at me?

Author: Alexa Mills

I have recently come to the conclusion that one of life’s necessities (obviously alongside eating and paying taxes etc) is to always carry a crib sheet! Otherwise you could easily get lost in the acronym-saturated world of abbreviation we have become so accustomed to.


Print AID

Author: Shireen Shurmer

I was at a meeting recently with Print Power, the organisation that champions and provides proof of the effectiveness of print in the multichannel marketing mix.  Evidence of print’s role in the customer engagement cycle is so ubiquitous that it’s actually easy to overlook. On the half hour return train journey from London, I sat faced by a printed information panel placed by transport media-owner KBH On-Train Media, explaining how commuters should use the NFC (Near Field Communication), QR codes, and SMS services on their printed ‘train card’ advertisements. 


Destination FESPA 2013

Author: Ellie Bunce

It’s been just over a year since I started working at AD and the majority of my time has been spent preparing for FESPA 2013, which took place last week.


It’s what’s inside that matters

Author: Kerry Rice

My favourite magazine is a customer magazine. Every month I wait eagerly for my copy of Taste to wing its way over from South Africa and drop into my post box. Come to think of it, my second favourite magazine is a customer magazine too – Waitrose Kitchen features arguably some of the best food writing in the UK.


Keep an eye out for targeted promotion

Author: Michael Grass

Remember that scene in Minority Report, where Tom Cruise’s retinas are scanned as he walks into a shopping mall, before being greeted by a series of personalised holographic adverts? As it turns out, we may well find ourselves in Tom’s shoes sooner than expected. Well, almost…


SEO? It’s what you know AND who you know

Author: Joanna Muggeridge

Do the words Panda and Penguin mean anything to you, other than both being black and white cute animals?  In fact, they relate to two key 2012 updates to Google’s search algorithms, with one key alteration going by the name of Google Author Rank


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