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drupa 2016 brought back memories of a previous life for this first-timer

Author: Daniel Porter

As a relative new-comer to the print industry – but with a background in book publishing – drupa 2016 (my first) brought back memories of visits to Frankfurt Book Fair over the years: hundreds of thousands of lanyard-wearing visitors madly dashing from hall to hall; eye-catching stand designs, and everything held together with impeccable German efficiency.


A journey of web-to-fridge

Author: Louise Lazell

On occasion, I will still buy a disposable camera, despite the convenience of digital photography and ease of viewing. And when I’m going to the photo shop to collect the prints from it, I’m still every bit as excited as I was many years ago. You see one of the problems (and ironies) with digital photography is the lack of spontaneity especially from the ‘selfie’ generation – one where multiple images are often taken one after the other, until the subject looks just right, ‘just so’ in this most immediate moment of perceived spontaneity. Then there is the issue I have with those who insist on looking at a digital photo straight after it’s been taken to ensure it can be deleted if it’s not flattering.


Day one at drupa 2016

Author: Paul Spiers

The day has finally arrived once again as it does every four years. I landed late last night and, after a lengthy stroll back and forth along the side of the Rhine to find the boat hotel that is my home for the next ten days, I checked in, pulled down my cabin bed, put on my sailor pyjamas (joke!) and slept for a few hours. Then rising early, I headed off to that big kahuna of international print shows: #drupa 2016.


The power of a good communications campaign brief

Author: Ellie Bunce

We have received a wide range of briefs over the years – one-liner emails, quick telephone discussions with our own back-of-a-fag-packet notes, face-to-face meetings and detailed 20-page written documents. It’s not how the brief is delivered that I’m interested in… but rather the information included in the brief. When it comes to a campaign brief, the age-old saying of ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’, is definitely relevant.


Bottle up or yes we Can?

Author: Michael Grass

Aaah, the can and the bottle. A classic pairing spotted in many an ice bucket on a hot afternoon and a winning combo fit to challenge even the most iconic double acts (Laurel & Hardy, Richard & Judy, Batman & Robin… the list goes on). Having worked for some time with clients and media in the packaging sector, it was during a recent trip to the local newsagent’s that got me thinking about these two very different yet so similar containers.


You’ve got a friend in me – the implacable rise of Facebook’s social sphere of influence

Author: Michael Grass

I remember having a conversation with Dad sometime in 2010 about Facebook. My father, a seasoned Communications Manager, dismissed the social site as “a fad that will struggle to find a place in business”, before signing off with what can only be described with the benefit of hindsight as an ironic statement: “trust me, it won’t last”.


3D printing at drupa 2016

Author: Greg Mills

Although for me the word “game-changing” generally falls into the same category of overused words as “unique” and “strategic”, a look at the impact that 3D printing is already having and could yet have suggests that game-changing really could be an appropriate adjective to use to describe this technology.  Although more accurately called “additive manufacturing”, the adoption of 3D printing is picking up pace (almost 133,000 3D printers were shipped worldwide in 2014, 68 % up on 2013) and we’re starting to see regular stories about how the technology is being used for a huge variety of purposes – from bra sizing to road-ready cars to pharmaceutical drugs to prosthetic feet for ducks and hoofs for horses.


Packaging in Asia: a Japanese edition

Author: Cerys Traylor

The Land of the Rising Sun…Japan. Just over 3 weeks ago, I hopped on a plane, had a hectic transfer in Beijing and eventually arrived in Tokyo, to begin my two week adventure around these amazing islands. I arrived during the heart of the ‘Sakura’ (cherry blossom) season and this was reflected throughout the country, from the bright neon lights of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, to the mountainous regions and the Japanese Alps.


Touch the future with Interior and Textile printing

Author: Daniel Porter

As drupa fast approaches – in fact it’s only 41 days away now – I’m curious to discover how many exhibitors will be featuring some of the exciting new applications that are currently on a rapid rise in the interior décor and textile printing sectors. It’s an area that has sparked my interest recently, as I’ve been more immersed in these industry sectors, and it never ceases to amaze me just what is now possible by the constant innovation of wide format digital inkjet printing. I’ve even been able to pass on some tips in relation to architectural films to a friend who’s currently in the throes of a ‘Grand Design’ project, and I’m likely to see the end result of these digitally printed films in-situ very soon.


Treasuring the tangible

Author: Shireen Shurmer

This week Royal Mail launched Letters of Our Lives, ‘a nationwide search to discover long-forgotten letters and postcards that reveal our social and political history, as told by the people who lived it.’ It’s part of the 500th anniversary celebrations of the Royal Mail.  I can’t wait to discover the personal stories this campaign reveals.


How packaging is helping brands to convey trust and authenticity

Author: Cerys Traylor

With customer loyalty harder than ever for brands to build and sustain, companies are returning to basics and renewing their focus on packaging, drawn towards the authenticity that packaging design can convey to differentiate their product.


Millennial behaviour intensifies demand for sustainable packaging

Author: Michael Grass

Millennials, Generation Y or whatever name you want to give the group of people aged between 15 and 35, are increasingly becoming more socially and ecologically aware about the world around them. As touched upon in our blog ‘Why Millennials want to work with eco-conscious companies’, a more green way of thinking (‘environmentality’, if you will) is influencing the type of company this generation associates with.


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