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The Voyage of Print

Author: Patrick Anderson

Rewind to this time last year and you would have found me wandering around central London consuming the barrage of advertisements that met me at every turn, completely unaware of how they came to be.  My response was thusly; oh look, colourful, eye-catching poster, with an image that I like, with an offer that interests me, that’s cool, I like that, I’ll probably invest.  Ignorance, as they say, was bliss. I was content just consuming what I saw without a second thought. But then I began working within the print industry – and now I analyse everything and anything that I see.


A Day in the Life of Digital Photography

Author: Greg Mills

Attending trade shows probably wouldn’t make my list of favourite activities, but I did enjoy my recent visit to photokina, the bi-annual photofest in Cologne.  I guess it’s the combination of how digital technology is enabling camera development, together with the impact of the images on display in the numerous photo exhibitions.  Particularly captivating were the exhibitions showing the work of the United Nations through seven decades, the UNICEF Photo of the Year, and the award-winning entries to competitions sponsored/organised by the likes of Canon, Sony and Hasselblad.


Content-led innovation

Author: Kerry Rice

“In the past, brands were part of the advertising; in future, they will be part of the content business.” So says Andreas Gall, CEO of Red Bull Media House.



A Book of Faces

Author: Michael Grass

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Facebook”? Do you think of farmvilles and café worlds? Do you ponder how life was better before the timeline profile page took over your old account? Or do you groan at the thought of how inappropriately the “like” button is clicked nowadays (i.e. “John Smith has fallen off board and broken shoulder”, Jim Jones likes this)?


Why are brands not using packaging as part of their cross media campaigns?

Author: AD Communications

When I was working on an article a few weeks ago, I did quite a bit of research into cross media and everything it entails. (Early word of warning – although the idea of cross media is easy to get your head around, the wide range of opinions on its advantages, best way to measure ROI and so forth could keep you busy for more than a while!)


Mars and back with the world of print!

Author: Lucy Williams

I have learned so much about the amazing and diverse world of print over the past ten months or so since I have been working with AD. I am also realising just how much print surrounds us on a daily basis.


W2P (Wed-to-Print)

Author: Kerry Rice

When I moved here from South Africa in 2008, broadband was all but a foreign word back home. That’s probably why I am still in awe of the wondrous world of things I can create and buy online.


The QR Code Rises

Author: Michael Grass

Being asked to write your first blog post for print is a bit like being picked out of a crowd and asked to bare your soul on stage in your underpants, mainly because similar questions come to mind in both scenarios: what do I talk about? Are people going to laugh at me? And why is it suddenly so hot in here? After consulting the wisdom of Mark Twain, I realised it’s probably best to stick to writing what I know – which probably isn’t an awful lot, but hey, it’s a start. So, being the AD team’s self-appointed movie buff, I decided to write about film, or rather, one particular film that’s been on my mind for a while.


Bringing back Nostalgia to boost sales

Author: Lucy O’Dea

Although the official jubilee weekend (and most of the summer so far) may have been a bit of a washout to say the least, how many of you have bought something with a union jack on and how many still have bunting in their street/garden/local pub.  As much as I hate to admit it, our little community still has some very sad, wet looking union jacks clinging to the hedge and along the lane.   But actually, none of us are quite ready to take it down….be it because of a new-found patriotism, or that the fact the Olympics are still to come and we are still hopeful of a few medals from Team GB, nobody is really quite sure.  But the fact is, every part of the country has embraced the patriotic bug to at least some extent.


Gearing up for 2012

Author: Ellie Bunce

As a newcomer to the world of print, it was fair to say my knowledge of the industry was limited. However, soon after joining AD I realised there was much more to this ever developing industry than I first thought; it wasn’t just about printing my CV for a job interview or printing my latest holiday snaps. Oh no, there is much more to it than that…


Can you take the tag off please?

Author: Patrick Anderson

drupa saw print’s old guard defiantly stand up and show off a youthful new wardrobe. Or at the very least, a trendy new hat or two. Far from standing by their products and stubbornly recalling the ‘good ol’ days’ of when it was just print and paper and no internet, vendors showed a refreshing vitality and versatility in their portfolios, especially in and around the cross media arena.  One application in particular caught my eye – interactive print without QR codes – an innovation that offers printers an interesting twist to their operations and what they can offer their customers.


Best of British

Author: AD Communications

In a few days time we’ll all be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which will mark 60 years of her reign.


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