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The power of printing digital photographs

Author: Kerry Rice

It’s just over one year since my wedding and I was reminiscing on when my wedding album arrived as I was poring over it the other day. (Yes, I am talking about weddings again, but this should be my last wedding-related blog.) When it initially arrived I was as excited as a 20th century photographer peering through developing fluid in a darkroom, but  as I was tearing through the reams of Border Agency tape that were wrapped around the package a thought occurred to me – why was I more excited about the printed album than I was about the online photographs?


How I learnt to stop worrying and love both Digital and Print

Author: Michael Grass

I’ve always been a book aficionado ever since my mum tucked me in bed one night and started reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea to put me to sleep (it was roughly two years ago). I’m one of those people who gets high off the smell of new print, loves the sound of pages flicking and on occasion has judged a hardback by its front cover because the artwork looked so alluring. I have a shelf in my living room that is strategically placed in a way that guests cannot ignore the titles on display and on weekends you’ll find me at my local Waterstone’s, slouched on a beanbag, an open graphic novel in my hands, a pile of fictions and biographies in my lap.


I’m an animal, I’m an animal, what animal am I?

Author: Shireen Shurmer

“If AD Communications were an animal, which one would it be?” It’s a classic interview poser, but I admit to being slightly thrown when asked this question in a meeting with a prospective client.


Print conceals Disney’s secrets

Author: Alexa Mills

Feeling like a kid again when walking around Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Florida, you think ‘it couldn’t get any better’. Then you discover that the Disney ‘imagineers’ have dreamed up yet another idea to add to the magic of Fantasyland.


3D or not 3D, that is the question

Author: Harry Somekh

Such is the extent of its advantages over conventional manufacturing processes, it’s not surprising that many have predicted that 3D printing will instigate a third industrial revolution.


Print saves the day and makes the sale

Author: Patrick Anderson

Last month I attended a festival in Croatia on the beautiful island of Pag, a remote dot of land within the northern Adriatic Sea. Swapping wrist watches for wristbands, my friends and I headed to Hideout Festival for week-long jaunt on a beach to enjoy a medley of our favourite DJs and artists.


It’s Summer! Get business networking

Author: AD Communications

Just because it’s the summer and sunny outside, doesn’t mean that new business opportunities should be left in the dark. Now is the time to be reviewing your contacts and looking at creative ways to network or rekindle past business relationships to gain new business.


Eye catching covers make all the difference

Author: Lucy Williams

As AD’s receptionist, part of my role involves booking into our system all of the magazines that we receive on a daily basis; we get a stack of post, including a high volume of magazines and lots of packages (mainly for Greg!)


Social media – In time of crisis, be prepared

Author: Lucy O’Dea

Whether you are a fan of social media and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, or you preferred life before the plethora of instant online news, gossip and interaction, social media is here to stay.


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