Fujifilm announces ‘Blueprint Live’ concept at Fespa 2022

Fujifilm plans to make a splash at its first big exhibition appearance in two years, and its biggest Fespa presence in over 5 years

Fespa 2022, Berlin May 31st – June 3rd will provide the first opportunity to see Fujifilm’s all-new Acuity wide format range in person, on stand C30, Hall 2.2, at an event the company is calling ‘Blueprint Live’.

With a track record of pioneering innovations, Fujifilm has helped thousands of sign and display printers transform their businesses. But in a world where change is constant, three years ago the company went back to the drawing board to define a new blueprint for UV inkjet print performance. The result is a brand new range of Acuity printers designed and developed by Fujifilm that redefine price/performance and transform print ROI.

Fujifilm’s ‘Blueprint Live’ event at Fespa 2022 will showcase the first two printers launched as part of the new range – the Acuity Prime and Acuity Ultra R2 – seen together at an event for the first time. Visitors will be able to see first-hand how they bring new meaning to versatility and value, reset the expectations around ease of use, and deliver outstanding quality and reliability.

But ‘Blueprint Live’ will also be the platform where Fujifilm will be showcasing its vision for the range, with a press briefing planned on the company’s stand at 2pm on the opening day. As an exciting taster for what is to come, Fujifilm will also be showcasing previously unannounced models at ‘Blueprint Live’, with a total of six groundbreaking printers on show.

As part of this growing range, the new Acuity Prime and Acuity Ultra R2 are attracting widespread acclaim for their unique combination of quality, productivity and unmatched ROI.

Acuity Ultra R2 (5m and 3.2m versions)

Announced in mid-2021, the Acuity Ultra R2 is available in 5m or 3.2m versions – with both being showcased on the stand. This new super-wide platform features the same high levels of quality and reliability as its predecessor but offers a huge number of design improvements to benefit both ease-of-use and overall productivity.

Like the original Acuity Ultra, the R2 is available in various colour configurations up to eight channels, but recognising the fact that modern print businesses are all unique – with often very different needs and priorities – the Acuity Ultra R2 is available with conventional UV curing as standard, or with an LED UV curing system for six colour and white configurations. This gives customers the option to choose either the ultra-high productivity of conventional UV, or the comparatively lower operating costs and reduced energy use of LED UV.

To complement the new LED UV curing system, Fujifilm has also launched Uvijet AU – a new ink for the Acuity Ultra R2 that offers the same exceptional adhesion, but designed specifically for LED UV curing. Uvijet GS is still available for the conventional UV curing system to support the dual CMYK high productivity printing configuration.

On the ‘Blueprint Live’ stand, the 5m model will be printing using conventional UV inks, while the 3.2m model will be operating in LED UV curing mode to highlight the relative advantages of each curing technology.

Acuity Prime 20 & Acuity Prime 30

The Acuity Prime was also revealed to the world in mid-2021. This stylishly designed new flatbed prints at unprecedented speeds with exceptionally high quality onto a range of rigid and flexible media, and offers excellent versatility, value and ease-of-use at a superb price point, to achieve a fantastic ROI.

A new ink system – Uvijet HM – has been formulated to provide outstanding adhesion to a broad range of substrates while also producing a wide colour gamut. The new ink range is optimised to produce high quality, vibrant images day-in, day-out.

A new jettable primer improves adhesion still further for particularly challenging substrates. This removes the need for the offline pre-treatment of media before printing, saving time and money. The machine also features a printable area of 2.54m x 1.27m and can accommodate media up to a thickness of 51mm.

Careful consideration has also been given to operational ease-of-use. Multiple practical benefits for both operators and service engineers have been built into the design, making the day-to-day operation of the printer as straightforward as possible.

One such feature is the media loading pins, which can be operated with the touch of a button, allowing for pinpoint media placement precision and exceptionally accurate print registration from job-to-job.

The five-part media zone system, based on common media sizes, vastly reduces the amount of masking required. This means job set-up times can be sped up considerably.

The Acuity Prime 20 is available with four, five or six ink channels, while the Acuity Prime 30 can be configured for up to seven. Both models will be showcased running live throughout the show.

David Burton, Business Director, Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems comments: “During a challenging time for the market, Fujifilm has been working on delivering a completely new range of printers that are set to define a new blueprint for wide format print performance.  Fujifilm’s ‘Blueprint Live’ event at Fespa 2022 represents the latest milestone for the company to showcase this vision and provide print businesses with the very latest printers to meet the rapidly changing needs of its customers.

“If you’re at Fespa this year, we look forward to welcoming you to ‘Blueprint Live’ on the Fujifilm stand to experience the power of Acuity printers for yourself.”

For more information visit: FujifilmFespa.com