Fujifilm announces comprehensive partnership with Soyang to distribute the Acuity Ultra R2 in the UK market

The wide format materials supplier has strong relationships across the sector and an exceptional level of industry expertise

Fujifilm has agreed a partnership with Soyang to sell the Acuity Ultra R2 in the UK market. The agreement marks the start of a new venture for Soyang, a highly respected wide format materials supplier, now looking to leverage that expertise to enter into hardware sales.

Soyang Europe Managing Director Mark Mashiter comments: “We’ve been working closely with Fujifilm over the past 12 months, running our material on their new Acuity Ultra R2, and helping them to assess the suitability of various materials for a range of applications. We love the machine they’ve created. We love the way it’s put together and we love the thought they have put into every aspect of its development to make it user friendly, and to ensure that it delivers great ROI. We’re also very excited about the future development plans for the range.

“We’re a grand format materials specialist and hardware is a new venture for us, but we know the market better than most. We’re already working closely with a huge number of customers in the grand format sector, selling material up to 5m to most users. Our clients already trust us for media, and we’ll earn their trust in dealing in hardware with them as well.

“We hope that having a brand as well-respected as Fujifilm will clearly show our commitment to this sector of the market and further open doors for a business model based on dealing in both media and hardware.”

David Burton, Director, Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems, adds: “We’re immensely proud of what we’ve built in the Acuity Ultra R2 and we’re equally proud of our broader wide format strategy – which led us to create a ‘new blueprint for wide format’ and a new range of Acuity machines, fully designed by Fujifilm to maximise usability and ROI.

“Bringing a partner with the industry knowledge and expertise of Soyang on board is a great vote of confidence in what we have created, and their connections will help us to build sales channels directly to the businesses who most stand to benefit.”