Fujifilm to launch X-BAR powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology, a modular inkjet imprinting system

Fujifilm’s new product provides reliability, productivity and quality in line with conventional presses or finishing lines for direct mail and transactional printing

Fujifilm’s new product provides reliability, productivity, and quality in line with conventional presses or finishing lines for direct mail and transaction printing

Lebanon, N.H. – FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the release of X-BAR, Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology. The drop-on-demand modular inkjet printing system is configured to apply variable data to direct mail, transactional print, and other commercial pre-print materials.

X-BAR supports a smooth transition to modern inkjet technology through compatibility with legacy systems. The X-BAR product line consists of moveable printbar modules that can be mounted to analog presses or finishing devices to print lanes of monochrome variable data such as text, barcodes, addresses, logos and graphics. The technology uses Fujifilm Dimatix Samba 1200 dpi print heads—delivering outstanding image quality in font sizes as small as 4 point and 1D barcodes as small as 6.7 mils. This silicone based micro-electromechanical system (Si-MEMS) technology has long life with trillions of actuations using sputtered PZT.

“Designed to improve printer up-time and reduce costs, X-BAR boasts quick startup which means less time wasted after press stoppage,” said Stephen Atherton, in charge of product Management and marketing for the FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions business “Built with cost-efficiency in mind, X-BAR does not require regular refurbishment but rather only simple preventive maintenance.” These benefits result from a fully enclosed and continuously circulating ink supply in conjunction with a highly reliable silicon ink jetting mechanism. Enclosed ink in motion is unlikely to dry or collect on the printing mechanisms and is ready to jet at almost any time. The cumulative result of these features can provide up to 50% lower total cost of ownership.

X-BAR provides print speeds up-to 1,000 feet per minute (300 Meters per-minute). It is available in two print widths of 4” and 9” to integrate seamlessly into traditional commercial printing processes minimizing the need for extensive training and process changes. The system has a familiar means of operation, making the transition to X-BAR easy and non-disruptive.

“Print service providers require non-stop performance both when producing print and when adopting new equipment,” said Greg Balch, Vice President and General Manager in charge of FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions business. “The vision behind our X-BAR is to support maximum productivity from the moment a technology change is considered through installation, commissioning, and it’s many years of print production.”

X-BAR is now available worldwide as a product of FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions business.

The X-BAR was developed as a result of the technical collaboration between Fujifilm and Kao Collins, Inc., who together aim to provide commercial imprinting customers with a strong team of experienced technical support staff.

To learn more please: visit inkjet-integration.fujifilm.com