GMG ColorProof 5.12: Automated update of proof standards and support of new EPSON printers.

GMG continues the drive to simplify the use of its solutions. The new version 5.12 is automatically updating all proof standards as well as its special color libraries. The new software version also supports the new EPSON SureColor P75x0/P95x0 printer, enabling GMG users to stay ahead of the game when it comes to proofing speed.

Tübingen, Germany (January 23, 2020) – the color management experts and proofing pioneers increase productivity further with the release of their new software version ColorProof 5.12. Automation continues to be a strong focus along with continued improvements on process stability. One example of this is the new automated update function that ensures your proof standards and your special color databases are always up to date. Here is how it works: GMG links each proofing standard with all relevant system components – printer driver, proof substrates, calibration set and industry standard. For example, as soon as a new proofing standard is released all other parameters are updated and linked to the new standard. The only manual operation required is to accept the update prompt and all parameters are automatically downloaded and installed. This automation does not only save time, it also makes it impossible to accidentally load the wrong data, hence increasing process security of your color management system.

Productivity is also important when choosing your proofing hardware. EPSON is about to launch its new models SC-P75x0/P95x0, significantly raising the bar in terms of speed. GMG ColorProof 5.12 supports the new printer straight from launch with preconfigured proof standards for the most common proof profiles and proof media.

The new chargeable upgrade GMG ColorProof 5.12 is available now. Clients with a GMG Software Update Contract (SUC) will receive this upgrade for free, along with future updates during the contract period. Another benefit to clients with a SUC is free access to ColorProof GO, the system enabling you to manage your proof system from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

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