pladis Further Boosts Sustainability Credentials Through Sonoco’s Fully Recyclable EnviroCan™ with Paperboard End

The leading global snack manufacturer is taking full advantage of Sonoco’s EnviroCan™ range for its Mini Cheddars, Cheeselets, Cracker Crisps and Twiglets products.

Hartsville, S.C., U.S. – pladis, the global snack company behind some of the UK’s most loved and iconic brands, has been on a mission to substantially reduce its environmental impact by updating the packaging of various products to more ecological alternatives. This is part of the company’s sustainability agenda, which reflects its commitment to making all its packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. Most recently, pladis has made steps forward to move toward more paper-based solutions – its Mini Cheddars and Cheeselets ranges now use Sonoco’s EnviroCanTM with paperboard end. Cracker Crisps and Mini Twiglets are also set to use EnviroCanTM later this year.

“Sonoco’s EnviroCan™ with paperboard end meets the recycling requirements of the UK, which is great for our brand and the consumer, who can have peace of mind when disposing of the packaging in household waste recycling bins,” says Christopher Owen, Marketing Controller at pladis UK&I.

Owen continues, “we are using this new, innovative product from Sonoco for the summer launch of our Mini Cheddars and Cheeselets caddies, helping our customers to tap into the ‘big summer nights in’ from the comfort of their own homes. In September, we’ll be utilising EnviroCanTM for our customer’s favourite festive caddies, which include Mini Cheddars, Treeslets and Twiglets.

“We feel these occasions present the perfect opportunity to utilise Sonoco’s EnviroCan™ with paperboard end. The container is made with recycled, recyclable and renewable paper fibres — making it a responsible choice from the beginning to the end of its lifecycle – perfect for what we’re looking to achieve as a brand, and it helps consumers make a more sustainable snack selection.”

Owen concludes, “Moving to Sonoco’s EnviroCan™ solution is part of our wider mission to make our packaging easier to recycle. This is integral to our sustainability agenda, which illustrates our commitment to making our packaging more sustainable and is one of many great strides we’ve made in this area already.”

Philip Brown, UK Sales Manager at Sonoco Consumer Products Europe says, “We’ve been working with pladis for 13 years now, and we’re immensely proud to have provided them with various innovative packaging solutions for their immensely popular snack ranges.

“We’re delighted that Sonoco’s EnviroCan™ with paperboard end, part of our EnviroSense™ product range, is helping pladis on their journey to make its packaging easier to recycle and fulfil the requirements of its sustainability agenda. We’re looking forward to helping them with their other ranges in the future.”