VAL PG enhances print capabilities with Fujifilm’s Revoria Press PC1120 and Fujifilm Superia ZX plates

Val PG’s investments reflect its commitment to delivering high quality printing solutions

Val PG’s investments reflect its commitment to delivering high quality printing solutions

Fujifilm today announces VAL PG’s recent investment in Fujifilm’s Revoria Press PC1120 and Fujifilm plates. Based in Nantes, France, VAL PG is a printing company with 22 employees and a legacy dating back to 1968. Renowned for catering to diverse clientele across various industries such as boating, furniture, textiles and tourism, the investments are enabling the print company to continue to deliver high quality and short print runs, covering a range of applications such as fact sheets, brochures, poster books, and covers for sheet-fed offset work.

VAL PG’s investment decision was finalised in late June 2023, with a seamless installation process taking place in August 2023. Since then, the Revoria Press PC1120 has strengthened the team’s capabilities significantly.

VAL PG were introduced to the Revoria Press PC1120 during the 2022 Revoria launch ceremony in France, complemented by insights from industry contacts, notably Joaquim Ventura, Fujifilm France’s Graphics Director.

Yann Madec, the owner of VAL PG, comments: “Our previous toner machine was being terminated, which meant the consumable costs would have been significantly higher. Therefore, we were on the search for a replacement.  The Revoria Press PC1120 appealed to us due to its advanced features, including its high production capability compared to other systems and versatile varnish options, including selective and textured options.

“The decision to opt for the full configuration, including additional colours such as white, pink, gold, and silver, set the Revoria Press apart from other machines we considered during the evaluation stage.”

In addressing the challenges faced by printing businesses, VAL PG has witnessed the decline in sheet-fed offset volumes. While digital volumes are on the rise, the Revoria Press, in conjunction with other equipment and their partnership with Fujifilm, is helping navigate these challenges.

Yann comments: “We wholeheartedly recommend the Revoria Press PC1120. Since investing in it, we have been so impressed with the collaboration that we have also invested in Fujifilm Superia ZX plates, which  have been in use since August 2023. These investments have not only strengthened our operational efficiency but also cultivated a new and positive relationship, characterised by clear communication, reliability, and trust.”

Taro Aoki, Head of Digital Press Solutions, Fujifilm Graphic Communications Europe comments: “We are thrilled to witness VAL PG’s seamless integration of the Revoria Press PC1120 and Fujifilm plates into their printing repertoire. This strategic move aligns with our commitment to delivering cutting-edge digital press solutions. We look forward to continuing our collaborative journey with VAL PG and supporting their endeavours for printing excellence.”

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