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Get a (social) life!

Author: Kerry Rice

“Anyone who doesn’t love Twitter is an idiot. They’re being a ridiculous Luddite or taking a stance. Twitter is a way of filtering the news. You tailor your own timeline so who you follow reflects your interests.” So said TV history presenter and historian Dan Snow in an interview with The Guardian this summer.


The power of print… in the free city map

Author: AD Communications

Earlier this summer, a friend and I embarked on a mini tour of Europe. As a pair of self-proclaimed culture vultures (geeks), we’ve always enjoyed travelling around and seeing the wealth of history that Europe has to offer. As we ventured around the eight major cities on our itinerary (Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Ljubljana, Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow and Prague), print proved to be a vital part of our trip.


Man, Beware Woman

Author: AD Communications

Stepping into the shower at my brother’s recently, I was faced with a stark choice.  Use the MEN shower gel or face the prospect of crossing a marble floor soaking wet, as I went in search of GAL shower gel.


The honour of your presence is requested…

Author: Lucy Williams

A few weekends ago, I attended the Penn Street Beer Festival. Sipping on a cold drink while sitting on a blanket watching the cricket, I got talking to someone – one of those people who just LOVE to chat. They’re my favourite.


The need for geek

Author: Michael Grass

It’s been a busy year of exhibitions here at AD. Ipex, InPrint, FESPA, interpack… and last Sunday marked the closing day of a rather different kind of show I would also have happily attended were it not for a few minor issues, such as money and geography. I am of course talking about San Diego Comic Con ’14.


Decay or display?

Author: Shireen Shurmer

Out and about in our Great Metropolis this weekend, I was struck by the limited use we Brits make of free vertical ‘real estate’ for advertising, promotion or pure aesthetic purposes. Our major cities are full of blank spaces which, used creatively, could meaningfully enhance our grey, urban environment.


Where is advertising heading?

Author: Cerys Traylor

Since seeing so many new technologies when I visited FESPA Digital 2014 in May, there has been one that has really stood out in my mind. One exhibitor was displaying a new POS display, which can determine your gender (although it did think I was a man at first – awkward!), your approximate age (young adult – yay!), the duration you looked at the display as well as judging how interested your face appeared.


The Print Industry and the World Cup: the tale of finding Jorge Claros

Author: Patrick Anderson

“Show your face, Jorge Claros!” I hiss, as I feverishly tear open my umpteenth packet of stickers for Panini’s official World Cup 2014 album. Got. Got. Got. Got. GOT. Disappointment once again as that faceless Honduran midfielder player – that damned number 401 – continues to elude me and my friends, rendering our book incomplete once more. OH THE HUMANITY. And we’re not the only ones.


Life after University, first stop AD Communications

Author: Tom

As I arrived at AD Communications, it’s fair to say, my knowledge of the PR industry was limited, and I felt a bit out of my depth. After a brief chat with Liz, I was plunged into a meeting with Lucy O, who soon got me up to speed with what AD communications is all about. I had no idea that working for a PR company which deals primarily with the print industry, could be such an interesting and varied line of work. This view was emphasised further as I met with several other colleagues over the course of my time here, who discussed their diverse roles, and presented several exciting projects that they’d worked on during their time with AD.


Library Love

Author: AD Communications

I remember receiving my first assignment at university as a doe-eyed fresher and thinking, great, I can bash out this essay in the afternoon and have tonight to ‘settle down with a cup of tea’. Naturally, this was student speak for a shot of Sambuca. However, when I and the other students who were sat blearily in the lecture room were informed that we would have to refer to books and go to something called ‘the library’, I found myself feeling out of my depth.


Go on, eat up!

Author: AD Communications

Does every last crumb of food in your household get eaten?  Do you recycle your vegetable peelings and scraps of food that the dog, or the urban foxes, won’t eat?


The FIFA World Cup…..a parade of the best in football, or the best in print?

Author: Lucy O’Dea

Football mania has begun…..and love it or hate it, football supporters from all around the world have turned their attention to Brazil, as their teams battle it out in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  Houses, shops, bars and offices have become draped in patriotic flags, bunting and posters; adults and kids are supporting team attire of various sorts while the all-essential match planner wall charts have come out with a vengeance, as the office sweep stakes swing in to action (yes, we’re full steam ahead at AD too… come on Greece!)


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