Grafica Veneta increases digital printing capacity with Fujifilm’s Jet Press 750S

The Italian book printer, now partnered with Lake Book of the USA, has seen print run times reduced following its investment in the Jet Press 750S in March 2021

Based in Trebaseleghe, northern Italy, Grafica Veneta is a proud book printer. Producing 150  million books a year, with a turnover of €100 million, the company is one of the leading and most technologically advanced printing firms in Europe. Operating out of a 100,000m2 solar-powered carbon neutral factory and with 750 employees, Grafica Veneta’s customer base has been expanding throughout Europe, North Africa and America. From best-sellers printed in millions of copies to precious limited edition art books, Grafica Veneta has the facilities and the equipment to meet all types of printing needs with rapid deliveries.

Key to its successful business is the digital printing equipment it uses to print books and their covers, as well as magazines and brochures. In March 2021, the company looked to increase the speed at which it could produce high quality book covers – with Fujifilm’s Jet Press 750S proving the ideal solution.

“Back in early 2021, as well as partnering with Lake Book, we made another investment in the future of our business improving our digital print capacity,” says Nicola Franceschi, head of research and development at Grafica Veneta, and son of the company’s President Fabio France. “The focus being on short runs – where we could increase the speed without jeopardising the standard of quality we regularly produce.

“We were already using Fujifilm’s Jet Press 720S for book cover printing. The quality was excellent, so when we became aware of the Jet Press 750S – a machine that produces the same quality at faster speeds – we were immediately interested. We evaluated the performance and it was an easy decision to upgrade our digital sheet-fed printing line.”

The Jet Press 750S has brought many benefits for Grafica Veneta since its installation last year. “We’ve shortened our overall printing time for each job and improved our service for the book publisher by providing them with shorter print runs,” adds Franceschi.

“We’ve looked at updating the Jet Press 750S even further. We’re aware of the High Speed Model upgrade that is available on the press – so that has the potential to speed things up even further.

“We’ve worked with Fujifilm for many years. We trust their team and their technology. They’ve helped us expand as a business and we’re always keeping a close eye on what new printing equipment they develop.”

Paolo Zerbi at Fujifilm Graphic Communications, Italy says: “Grafica Veneta is a leader in the book printing industry. Producing copies in their millions for some of the biggest publishers in the world, they know quality and they understand what’s required to make a good impression on its customers. The Jet Press 720S served them very well and we’re delighted with the impact the Jet Press 750S has made in the past year. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them as they continue their growth.”

For more information, visit: www.FujifilmJetPress.com