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With 30 years of B2B PR, marketing and communications experience, we know that you need to really get under the skin of an industry to understand what drives its customers. With
in-depth industry knowledge and insight you can recognise new market opportunities and think strategically about how to tap into these. Every marketing and communications activity should start with intelligence, so we never stop
asking questions.

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Genius may be 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, but with respect to Mr Edison it’s the 1% that makes the difference. B2B marketing and communications relies on knowing your audience and understanding their challenges, but it takes a creative approach to actually engage them. Businesses don’t buy from other businesses, people do. That’s why we always look for inventive ways to present an idea,
message or product.

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People use an increasing range of channels to find and share information, but the core principle remains the same - communication is built on conversations. Whether you’re trying to retain customer loyalty, build brand awareness or generate new leads, you need to use influence to change people’s perceptions. Building relationships with opinion formers and influencers is at the heart of every campaign we develop.

Our Focus

Whatever sector you operate in, we’ll devise integrated strategies
that help you stand out. Together, we’ll develop your markets,
engage your customers and prospects, and increase your sales.

Our focus is on:

Strategy & Public Relations
Digital & Social Media
Integrated Marketing

Here’s how we do it

Clients tell us they value their
relationship with us for:

Our frank advice
The depth of our industry knowledge
Our ambitious thinking
Engaging content


We strive to add measurable value to our clients’ businesses by building strong strategic partnerships for growth based on trust and mutual respect. We believe this is why 60% of our clients have worked with us for longer than eight years.

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We love smart thinking and big ideas here at AD. If you do too and you’d like to tell us about it,
feel free to comment on a blog, or get in touch with us by emailing htolino@adcomms.co.uk.

From Administrator to Exec: a Q&A with Louise Lazell

From Administrator to Exec: a Q&A with Louise Lazell

Author: Louise Lazell

A lot has changed since we last spoke (http://adcomms.co.uk/blog/from-fine-art-to-pr-a-q-and-a-with-our-new-office-administrator-louise-lazell/). You’ve now progressed from a PR administrator to an Account Executive – how has your role changed?

Wed 3rd Feb 2016

2016: Key print trends to look out for

2016: Key print trends to look out for

Author: Greg Mills

In our blog a few weeks ago, we kicked off 2016 by looking at what we could expect from this year’s drupa. We concluded that there was great cause for optimism, given print’s ongoing resurgence as a powerful marketing and communication tool and its emergence as a creative and effective medium in new vertical markets.

Thu 28th Jan 2016

Cinemagraphs in B2B Marketing

Cinemagraphs in B2B Marketing

Author: Patrick Anderson

The use of cinemagraphs – enriched photographs that feature a minor or repeated movement in some capacity to create the illusion of watching a video – was one of the marketing trends of 2015. Major brands such as Coca-Cola, Netflix and Budweiser explored the format to great effect as they brought their images to life in sleek, artistic ways to grab consumer attention. Their emergence was a subtle touch in a visually hectic online world.

Wed 20th Jan 2016

Drupa 2016 – the journey begins!

Drupa 2016 – the journey begins!

Author: Helen Tolino

It’s 2016 and that can only mean one thing; it’s less than five months until drupa (31st May – 10th June) and the excitement in the AD office is palpable.

Wed 13th Jan 2016

David Bowie: The man who filled the world…with creativity

David Bowie: The man who filled the world…with creativity

Author: Paul Spiers

I first discovered David Bowie as a young teenager during his Serious Moonlight tour of New Zealand back in the early 80s. He had gone to visit a Marae and meet with local Maori representatives in Porirua – just north of Wellington, where he was set to play a few days later at Athletic Park. In my local newspaper, the Kapiti Observer, there was photograph of the Thin White Duke, slight of frame, bleached hair, sitting with a tartan blanket on his lap amongst the kaumatua (elders of the tribe) and smiling.

Mon 11th Jan 2016

Why ‘Millennials’ want to work for eco-conscious companies

Why ‘Millennials’ want to work for eco-conscious companies

Author: Patrick Anderson

At last month’s relaunch event of the Carbon Balanced Paper initiative at PwC’s swanky riverside office in London, Mark Thompson, PwC’s Director of Sustainability and Climate Change, said: “The current crop of job applicants we speak to have a clear idea of the type of company they want to work for, and that’s one that represents their own values, especially in terms of the environment.”

Wed 6th Jan 2016