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We specialise in global communications
and marketing for B2B brands.

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With 30 years of B2B PR, marketing and communications experience, we know that you need to really get under the skin of an industry to understand what drives its customers. With
in-depth industry knowledge and insight you can recognise new market opportunities and think strategically about how to tap into these. Every marketing and communications activity should start with intelligence, so we never stop
asking questions.

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Genius may be 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, but with respect to Mr Edison it’s the 1% that makes the difference. B2B marketing and communications relies on knowing your audience and understanding their challenges, but it takes a creative approach to actually engage them. Businesses don’t buy from other businesses, people do. That’s why we always look for inventive ways to present an idea,
message or product.

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People use an increasing range of channels to find and share information, but the core principle remains the same - communication is built on conversations. Whether you’re trying to retain customer loyalty, build brand awareness or generate new leads, you need to use influence to change people’s perceptions. Building relationships with opinion formers and influencers is at the heart of every campaign we develop.

Our Focus

Whatever sector you operate in, we’ll devise integrated strategies
that help you stand out. Together, we’ll develop your markets,
engage your customers and prospects, and increase your sales.

Our focus is on:

Strategy & Public Relations
Digital & Social Media
Integrated Marketing

Here’s how we do it

Clients tell us they value their
relationship with us for:

Our frank advice
The depth of our industry knowledge
Our ambitious thinking
Engaging content


We strive to add measurable value to our clients’ businesses by building strong strategic partnerships for growth based on trust and mutual respect. We believe this is why 60% of our clients have worked with us for longer than eight years.

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From The Blog

We love smart thinking and big ideas here at AD. If you do too and you’d like to tell us about it,
feel free to comment on a blog, or get in touch with us by emailing htolino@adcomms.co.uk.

AD Communications – we’re busy building business brands

AD Communications – we’re busy building business brands

Author: Paul Spiers

Today, we’re very pleased to be unveiling the next step in the ongoing evolution of AD Communications: our brand new website. The unveiling of the new site – still at www.adcomms.co.uk - is the first in a series of initiatives we intend to roll out over the coming months, all focused on making the industries we serve more aware of the depth and range of services we offer and how we work with clients to help make their brands the best they can be.

Wed 25th Nov 2015

The Great British Road Sign – 50 years and counting

The Great British Road Sign – 50 years and counting

Author: Patrick Anderson

Last month marked the 50th anniversary of the British road signage system. Unless you work in signage, visual communication or design – and/or happen to be a British road sign aficionado – you can be forgiven if this news passed you by.

Wed 18th Nov 2015

A+A: Impressions of the Health & Safety Industry

A+A: Impressions of the Health & Safety Industry

Author: Joanna Muggeridge

Working at AD has become synonymous to me with visiting Düsseldorf every four years for a certain print show. But two weeks ago I was back at the Messe for a completely different type of event altogether: A+A, one of the largest Health & Safety exhibitions in Europe.

Wed 11th Nov 2015

What business can learn from the Rugby World Cup final

What business can learn from the Rugby World Cup final

Author: Paul Spiers

As a proud New Zealander, last weekend was one of the biggest in this year’s calendar: the final of the Rugby World Cup 2015 in the UK. The contest in the final was immense, as the two best sides in international rugby battled it out for 80 minutes for supremacy in the last game in what was, in my view, one of the best World Cups ever held.

Wed 4th Nov 2015

3D Printing and Halloween

3D Printing and Halloween

Author: Louise Lazell

Halloween excites me. Every year I look forward to carving a pumpkin and spending hours painstakingly attempting my best cat-pumpkin design. Unfortunately, they do not always have the realistic look I hope for. While there are some extremely talented artists who are able to carve 3D masterpieces by hand, alas I am not one of them.

Wed 28th Oct 2015

Signal-ing the Facebook way – is this a new era for content curation?

Signal-ing the Facebook way – is this a new era for content curation?

Author: Cerys Traylor

With research showing that 63% of Facebook users gather news information via their feed, Facebook and Instagram has introduced a tool for journalists to collate stories, gauge public reaction and discover what’s trending.

Wed 21st Oct 2015