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Author: Amanda Galvez

Women are leading the charge in the B2B tech PR and Comms industry, shaping narratives and driving innovation. It’s a world where complex concepts need to be explained in ways that excite and resonate, but women like Josie, Account Manager at AD Comms, have a remarkable ability to break it down, weaving technical information into captivating stories that journalists and audiences can’t resist. It’s this ability to connect complex technology to real-world experiences that demonstrates the powerful leadership that women, in particular, bring to this industry.

The B2B tech industry is a whirlwind of constant change, redefining how we live, work, and interact with the world around us. It’s a realm of groundbreaking software and gadgets that have the potential to change lives. But behind the success stories, there’s always a skilled PR and comms team crafting the messages that shape how the world views these innovations. And increasingly, it’s women who are telling those stories.


Why women excel in B2B Tech PR and Comms

Though tech has a reputation as a male-dominated field – the women in this industry are bringing invaluable qualities to the table:

  • Master storytellers: Women are natural storytellers, adept at translating complex tech jargon into engaging, human-centric narratives that resonate with the public and the media. Take Sirah, one of our Account Managers at AD, she excels at crafting relatable stories for her tech clients, ensuring their innovations are understood and appreciated by their target audiences, and making her a favourite with journalists.
  • Relationship builders: The essence of PR lies in connections, and women know how to forge strong bonds with journalists, influencers, and other industry stakeholders. Kirsty, our Media Manager, understands this perfectly. Her passion for building relationships has led to lasting partnerships and fantastic media coverage for our clients.
  • Crisis navigators: In times of crisis, women in PR keep their cool and think strategically. They craft clear messaging and guide their clients through challenges, protecting reputations along the way. Helen and Shireen, our joint Managing Directors, are masters of this, with decades of experience handling sensitive issues. Their wisdom and leadership are invaluable.
  • Champions of diversity: Women are often passionate advocates for creating more inclusive workplaces and mentorship programs. Their commitment to fostering a more welcoming environment attracts and retains top female talent in the industry. For example, Nat, one of our Account Directors, champions diversity initiatives within our agency and beyond, ensuring that everyone has a voice and that unique perspectives are valued.
  • Tech-savvy and adaptable: Many women entering the tech PR space possess a natural curiosity and adaptability that allows them to quickly grasp complex technologies and evolving trends. Imogen, one of our Account Managers, demonstrates this aptitude – despite being young, her fresh perspective on emerging technologies allows her to suggest cutting-edge PR strategies that helps us connect with younger audiences in unique ways.


Women as the drivers of growth and innovation

The reason we’re shining the spotlight on women as the drivers of growth and innovations in this industry is simple: they’re excelling in almost every aspect. Recent research shows that women in B2B are more likely to focus on collaboration and developing holistic solutions, while men tend to focus on achieving specific results.

Decades of research have also proved that diverse teams lead to enhanced innovation and problem-solving, demonstrating the value women bring to the Tech PR and Comms industry. We’re not only filling talent gaps but also introducing new ideas through our unique communication styles.

Female leadership is also substantially elevating the PR game, as we’re essentially better at forming meaningful connections with others in addition to communicating effectively. For example, we’re naturally more social than men, in addition to being more empathetic and active listeners. This is what allows us to connect and resonate with the public on a deeper level which gains trust.

Of course, it should be said that our aim isn’t to overshadow our male colleagues but to demonstrate that, through various trials and triumphs, we offer just as much value in the professional sphere.


Women making an impact at AD Comms

I’m privileged to work with women who are not only skilled communicators and strategists but also a vanguard, constantly redefining the boundaries of the possible. Their backgrounds in technology, social impact, and global communications bring diverse perspectives to our work, resulting in creative, insightful problem-solving, client engagement, media relationships, and strategies.

Here are the voices of some of the women at AD Comms, whose stories showcase how they’re not just part of the change – they’re leading it.

  • Nat, Account Director: Nat got a passion for making PR accessible to everyone. “Growing up working-class in the UK, opportunities felt limited,” she recalls. “You can’t be what you can’t see so by openly talking about my experiences, and encouraging others to do the same, we can kick those doors wide open for others.” Her drive to create a more inclusive team makes her an incredible asset. Her perspective ensures our team is inclusive and welcoming.
  • Sirah, Account Manager: Sirah found her niche in the fast-paced tech world. “It’s all about building those relationships with journalists and knowing the industry inside-out,” she says. “That’s how you get results that leave clients beaming– something I love!” ” Her dedication is the fuel behind her success and truly pays off in the results she gets for our clients.
  • Shireen, Managing Director: “Problem-solving is the heart of our business,” she explains. “A diverse team means different perspectives and approaches to comms challenges– that’s the magic formula for overcoming them. Over 30 years in comms, I’ve learned so much from talented women who collaborate, listen, and blend their unique strengths to ensure the best outcomes for clients.”
  • Imogen, Account Manager: “Don’t let my age fool you,” Imogen tells. “Sure, I may be young, but I understand how tech works, and how to reach the latest audiences.” Her innovative approach and fresh perspective is exactly what keeps us ahead of the curve and is key to reaching new audiences.
  • Kirsty, Media Manager: Kirsty’s a seasoned pro in the advertising world for the B2B tech world, with over 20 years under her belt. Her secret? “It’s about forging real connections with journalists,” she explains. “Understanding what makes tech audiences tick is how we truly make an impact.” This focus on authenticity and trust has always been her guiding principle. In her last product launch, she connected with the right publications, told the product’s story in a compelling way, and boom – buyers took notice in a big way.
  • My Story: A different focus on B2B tech: My background isn’t in tech, but I’ve always had an ability to craft clear communications – whether in English or in Spanish! That’s been my superpower, no matter the industry. In the tech world, it’s all about simplifying those complex ideas, making them accessible to everyone. And even in tech, where innovation is key, it’s the human connection that truly matters. From my experience in B2C, I understand how to personalise experiences and communications. I bring that same approach to B2B, respecting the differences but never forgetting that there’s a person behind every business decision.


The road ahead

At AD Communications, we’re committed to building an industry where women’s ideas lead to innovation, long-term success, and growth. By celebrating women like these, our efforts showcase the power of varied perspectives, propelling us forward and inspiring the entire Tech PR and Communications sector. We’re not just part of the change – we’re leading it.

Learn more about our team today. We’re ready to help you overcome your Tech marketing challenges with innovative and lasting solutions.


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