Fujifilm collaborates with The Equinox Group and Fokina to create show-stopping stand and graphics for FESPA 2022

Collaboration between Fujifilm, The Equinox Group and Fokina delivers an exhibition presence with a genuine wow factor

Fujifilm brought its ‘Blueprint’ concept for wide format to life at FESPA 2022, resulting in an exhibition stand that was packed with visitors from start to finish, with the company’s preparations for the exhibition supported by longstanding partnerships with The Equinox Group and Fokina.

Event stand specialist The Equinox Group expertly designed and built Fujifilm’s 500m2 stand, which featured enough space for six Acuity presses to be showcased, a meeting room, bar, open seating area and a storage space.

Meanwhile, the ‘Blueprint Live’ graphics were printed by Fujifilm customer Fokina GmbH – one of Germany’s leading providers of large format photographic, screen, digital and textile printing, using their Acuity Ultra.

Fokina’s earlier investment in an Acuity Ultra made it possible to print the high quality, impactful ‘Blueprint Live’ graphics and displays in record time, proving the machine’s capability to print these types of graphics reliably and to the quality required on a superwide (5m width) scale.

In total, Fokina printed 71 ‘Blueprint Live’ graphics on five different types of media – amounting to 574 qm – with its Acuity Ultra: one banner; three voiles; 12 back lit TFS; 51 black-backed TFS; and four self-adhesive wall graphics.

The show-stopping 24m banner, which spanned the FESPA entrance hall, wowed visitors to the event and teased Fujifilm’s ‘Big Reveal’ of new machines.

Kevin Jenner, European Marketing Manager at Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems, comments: “We have every confidence in our products. We know that the Acuity Ultra R1 and R2 series are easily able to cope with the workload from both a quality and media-handling point of view. Of course, you also need the right partner as well to drive those machines and meet very tight deadlines.

“We needed the images to be perfectly aligned and we needed to have our ‘Blueprint Live’ logos absolutely pop out of the media, and they certainly did. We were delighted with the results and the cooperation between the parties involved.”

Carl Criscione, Managing Director of The Equinox Group, adds: “Obviously working with Fujifilm printers meant that the quality was fantastic. All in all, a great partnership was demonstrated between ourselves, Fujifilm and Fokina. The kit that they had really made the difference.”

Sven Breiter, CEO of Fokina, says: “We printed all of the graphics here in Germany with our Acuity Ultra. The prints were beautiful, and everybody was very happy with the outcome.”