drupa may be be over, but the work isn’t. From meticulous planning to post-event lead nurturing, see how strategic communications transform exhibition investments into lasting success

Author: Nathalia Tolesano

As we begin to draw breath and gather much-needed space from the tumult that an exhibition such as drupa – due to its sheer scale – causes, I’ve been reflecting, like many in the industry, on our recent time supporting major exhibitors at the show.

I’m focused on the learnings and opportunities that come from the immense collaborative effort – both with our clients and within our agency team – that goes into preparing for landmark global exhibitions such as this one.

After all, although the show is the moment where all the pieces come together, those ‘pieces’ are shaped through months of careful planning and painstakingly crafted narratives that can then be leveraged at the show and (if done right), well beyond it.

Stakes are high, with enormous investments, both in terms of finance and manpower, for all of the exhibitors attending any major international exhibition. Having partners who can build campaigns that will deliver maximum impact is essential, be it through meticulous planning, brand positioning or the delivery of multi-channel launches for new technologies.

Communications is sometimes seen as the safe constant and is seldom celebrated, but content created by specialist agencies that truly understand the industry and customer pain points is key to brands coming across credibly and successfully at an event. This includes:

  • Preparing for every possible communications scenario (and still dealing with the unexpected!);
  • Maximising pre-event coverage to drive decision-makers to client stands;
  • Creating assets that will support communication with visitors – from press releases and presentation scripts, to product videos and technology animations;
  • Or assets that directly support sales conversations, such as case studies, white papers and brochures

And let’s not forget the importance of spokesperson preparation. Radiating knowledge, confidence and energy when engaging with international editors and analysts is a real skill and it’s something we work extensively with clients on ahead of big exhibitions.

So what happens now? The show, may be over for another four years. But the work is by no means done.

Although it’s tempting to slow down, we know that the post-show period is even more vital than the event itself. Now is the time for brands to reap the full return on their investment and leverage those new connections.

The show was a moment in time.

What follows now is an intense period of outreach as exhibiting companies follow up on and nurture leads. Meanwhile we, as marketing and comms experts, continue the momentum with brand awareness and educational content that helps to move leads further down the sales funnel towards conversion.

So while we may take a breath and reflect, we certainly won’t be resting on our laurels. There is plenty of work to do, and we’re here for it!

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