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Miraclon is a new company building on a sector-leading legacy to fully focus on bringing KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions to life. KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions have helped transform flexographic printing over the last decade. Now brought to life by Miraclon, KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions – including the industry-leading FLEXCEL NX System – give customers higher quality, improved cost efficiency, better productivity and best-in-class results. With a focus on pioneering image science, innovation, and collaboration with industry partners and customers, Miraclon is committed to the future of flexo and is positioned to lead the charge. Find out more at

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Miraclon expands presence in Pakistan through new partnership with DigiPrint Technologies

Release date: 09.07.2020 | images: 1

Miraclon has partnered with DigiPrint Technologies, a Pakistani technology solutions provider for the print and packaging industries. DigiPrint, which is based in Islamabad, will be Miraclon’s local distribution partner; responsible for developing and implementing the sales and marketing of Miraclon’s products throughout Pakistan.

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Release date: 07.07.2020 | images: 2

As flexo gains a bigger share of the flexible packaging market at the expense of gravure, the confidence behind the process keeps growing. At Colombian flexible packaging converter Plastilene, it’s fair to say that confidence is sky-high — witness this comment from General Manager Belinda Duran: “I say to people, ‘Do you see something we can’t do with flexo? Because I don’t.’”

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Release date: 23.06.2020 | images: 4

An anniversary is a time for reflection: a time to pause, look back, and see how far we’ve come. Steurs Graphic Solutions can look back a long way — 70 years, to 1949, when the two Steurs brothers started what has become one of Belgium’s leading packaging prepress houses. The backward look will be a short one, however, because all eyes at the Antwerp-based business are firmly fixed on the present and the future — “on continuing to create solutions for today and tomorrow”, as the company’s tagline has it.

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Ulrich Etiketten improves flexo quality with new KODAK FLEXCEL NX System from Miraclon

Release date: 10.06.2020 | images: 1

Ulrich Etiketten, the market leader for self-adhesive labels in Austria and one of the top 10 label producers in Europe, has expanded its flexo platemaking capability with a KODAK FLEXCEL NX Mid System from Miraclon. Based in Vienna, the company employs around 200 people and caters mainly for the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as for the cosmetics and chemical sectors. The company exports approximately 30% of its work, with customers in Germany and Switzerland leading the field.

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Miraclon’s partnership with Phoenix Technologies set to drive growth in the Persian Gulf region

Release date: 04.06.2020 | images: 1

Miraclon is expanding its global presence through a new partnership with Phoenix Technologies, one of the Persian Gulf region’s leading technology solutions providers for the print and packaging industries. Based in Dubai, Phoenix will act as Miraclon’s local distributor partner serving a host of Arab states, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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The Full Flavor of Expanding the Color Gamut

Release date: 02.06.2020 | images: 2

When Amcor ANZ was tasked with the print for a potato chip rebrand, pre-press manager Gary McQuiggan had to deliver an extreme spread of colors without compromising any particular product in the range – or breaking the bank. Here’s how flexo and four color Expanded Color Gamut helped him pull off the job and wow his customer…

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Release date: 19.05.2020 | images: 4

Somebody once memorably remarked that “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Who actually said it is open to debate — it’s been attributed to Albert Einstein and Henry Ford, among others — but there’s no doubting its wisdom.

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Miraclon receives FTA Technical Innovation Award for KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution featuring KODAK Ultra Clean Technology

Release date: 23.04.2020 | images: 3

Miraclon, the home of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions, this week received the coveted FTA Technical Innovation Award for its KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution, reflecting a fresh and novel approach to aqueous flexo plate making technology. As one of two overall winners in the Prepress – Graphics category and the sole plate technology winner, the award signifies the potential of the FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution to have a significant impact on the flexo market.

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Adhegrafic acorta tiempos de respuesta y maximiza la calidad de impresión con el sistema KODAK FLEXCEL NX System de Miraclon

Release date: 19.03.2020 | images: 3

En plena celebración de sus 32 años de historia, Adhegrafic, empresa especializada en la producción de etiquetas adhesivas, reconoce los beneficios que supuso la incorporación de un sistema KODAK FLEXCEL NX de Miraclon para poder disponer de un servicio de preimpresión propio. Ahora, tras convertirse en KODAK Certified Partner, un certificado concedido por Miraclon a […]