EGGER Druck & Medien investment in Jet Press 750S drives business growth

The Jet Press 750S will help the German packaging company to win more short run work and offer fast, high quality samples to its customers

The Jet Press 750S will help the German packaging company to win more short run work and offer fast, high quality samples to its customers

Established five generations ago by the Egger family, EGGER Druck & Medien has more than 150 years of experience producing a variety of high quality printed products, including a range of tailor-made folding carton boxes and other packaging. The company specialises in high value solutions for high-end products across multiple industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, lifestyle, and beverage. The premium print and packaging company has 62 employees.

The Jet Press 750S, installed in April 2023, has revolutionised the company’s business approach, enabling them to target short run work for the first time, while also providing customers and prospects with quick and cost-effective samples.

“The Jet Press 750S has marked a significant strategic shift for us, positioning EGGER among the quickest and most competitively priced providers of samples for tailor-made packaging solutions,” says Xaver Egger, Managing Director of EGGER. “The decision to invest in the Jet Press 750S was influenced by its exceptional printing quality, which outperformed rival systems. This investment has not only allowed us to better meet the demands of our customers but has also propelled our company’s growth.”

EGGER is using the Jet Press to print to folding carton board, with a minimum run of just one, and typically using standard materials from their online shop. Being able to print extremely low quantities profitably, and at extremely high levels of quality, has enabled the company to target small volume orders for high end customers – while the ability to produce high quality samples has helped them to win new work.

In an ever-evolving printing industry, EGGER acknowledges the challenges they face. Xaver Egger explains, “The current print landscape is characterised by a growing number of price-sensitive customers, resulting in an uncertain economic outlook. We have observed a shift in demand with reduced run lengths and expanding product portfolios. However, with the Jet Press 750S investment, we have gained a competitive advantage through the ability to offer cost-effective and rapid prototypes.”

Mr Egger continues, “At EGGER we are thrilled with this investment, and we are satisfied with the assistance that Fujifilm has provided us with. We would highly recommend the Jet Press 750S as it has not only broadened our business offering, but also elevated the quality of our printed results, enhancing our products and services.”

Taro Aoki, Head of Digital Press Solutions, Fujifilm Europe comments: “The Fujifilm Jet Press 750S has been setting the standard in commercial print and folding carton packaging for many years now. We’re delighted to see another widely respected packaging company recognise its potential to transform their business. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.”