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Earned Media

Achieving influential media coverage with knowledgeable, creative storytelling and through productive media and influencer relationships.

An overview of the guide

Earned media, such as editorial print and online coverage of press releases, opinion pieces and one-to-one interviews with journalists, is one of the most trusted sources of information by potential customers, largely because it comes from an independent, third party who is expected to have interrogated the facts and reported accurately. For a brand, however, it often means relinquishing control of the final content.

Unlike ads, website copy or marketing collateral, a brand has no say over an editor’s interpretation of materials shared with them or how an interview is written up. This can be an uncomfortable prospect given the effort that goes in to maintaining consistent brand messaging.

It is therefore important that the significant merits of earned media don’t become overshadowed by a concern over editorial control.

This guide discusses the advantages of establishing and leveraging strong relationships with key media influencers.

Earned Media


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