Fujifilm unveils new inkjet ink featuring proprietary AQUAFUZE technology, combining water-based and UV-curable ink technology

This new ink technology opens up new possibilities for wide format inkjet printing applications

This new ink technology opens up new possibilities for wide format inkjet printing applications

Fujifilm Group announces the development of a new technology, AQUAFUZE inkjet ink technology, which combines water-based and UV curable ink for wide format inkjet printing applications. The new UV-curable aqueous ink will be launched in Autumn 2024.

AQUAFUZE inkjet ink technology is  Fujifilm Group’s proprietary technology for stable water dispersion of photopolymers. Fujifilm Group has applied its original synthesis technology for highly functional materials and particle dispersion technology. Based on this dispersion, Fujifilm Group has developed a new UV-curable aqueous ink by combining the formulation technologies of both water-based and UV-curable inks.

The UV-curable aqueous ink is suitable for indoor signage and wallpaper applications, meeting the growing needs of the wide format market. It provides safe and odourless ink during printing, as well as offering a high level of rub resistance and compatibility with a variety of print substrates. The UV-curable aqueous ink featuring AQUAFUZE inkjet ink technology is expected to become the new standard in the wide format market, expanding the scope of customers’ business in the future.

Industrial inkjet inks are classified into three types: water-based, solvent, and UV-curable. These inks are selected by users based on their characteristics and printing applications. In wide format inkjet printing, water-based inks that cure with heat, and UV-curable inks that cure with light radiation are mainly used. As the wide format field continues to grow, printing applications and substrates are becoming more diverse. As a result, users now require inks that offer high durability for printed materials and stretchability for ink films. These features are necessary for bending and processing of products. In addition, users also prioritise the safety of the ink, including preventing solvent volatilisation and minimising odours generated during printing. This is an important factor when choosing an ink.

AQUAFUZE inkjet ink technology will be exhibited at the Fujifilm Group booth at drupa 2024.

The main features of UV-curable aqueous ink developed by AQUAFUZE inkjet ink technology:

  • The use of photopolymer dispersion reduces clogging of the inkjet printhead due to ink drying and achieves stable ink ejection.
  • The ink adheres to a wide variety of substrates without pre-coat primers and optimisers.
  • Printed image thickness is reduced, and the ink surface becomes more even, resulting in light reflection and creating a glossy appearance.
  • UV curing eliminates the need for a top coat on the printed substrate.
  • Ink odour is reduced, enhancing user safety.

*1 Water-dispersed resin that undergoes a curing reaction upon UV light irradiation