Lintec Graphic Films’ Vitrocolour film creates dynamic work environment for Bolton at Home’s new offices

The high quality and versatility of Lintec Graphic Films’ Vitrocolour® E-2200ZCnonPVC process colour film has injected a panoply of vibrant colour and refreshing modernity into the new offices of Bolton at Home.

The high quality and versatility of Lintec Graphic Films’ Vitrocolour® E-2200ZCnonPVC process colour film has injected a panoply of vibrant colour and refreshing modernity into the new offices of Bolton at Home.

A non-profit company that oversees the local council’s 18,000 homes, Bolton at Home plans to deliver £124 million of improvements to homes and estates in Bolton over the next five years. To support this growth and ambition, the company relocated to two new offices and enlisted designer Stella Corrall to ensure that the interior design reflected the vision and aspirations of the organisation.

Discussing the brief, Corrall explains: “We worked closely with Bolton at Home to design and deliver an optimal working environment. Their one-to-one meeting rooms needed to offer the privacy that their work demanded, and due to the room size we want to take advantage of the natural light that the office layout offered. We wanted our designs to bring a vibrancy to contribute positively to the working and visiting experience, while also complementing the Bolton at Home brand.”

Spread across three floors, the new offices were constructed with plenty of glazing to invite as much natural light in as possible. The ground floor features long stretches of window in the break area and along the larger meeting rooms, while the open-planned first and second floors are set out with range of different sized glazing for its smaller meeting room cubicles. This presented Corrall with a challenging, yet ultimately exciting, canvas to play with.

She continues: “The overall office scheme was white, both the walls and the office furniture, with colourful accents provided only by the lighting, seating and flooring. We decided to use multi-colour film treatments to balance these out, and wanted to create privacy for room users with designs that would not date. To do this, we carried out a series of creative engagement sessions with staff to look at ideas based around the home, housing and locality. These were then taken into drawings which were subsequently developed into organic patterns. It meant that each area of the offices has a different feel and colour palette to create a refreshing working atmosphere.”

“To achieve the best possible end result, it was important that we used a film that allows for accurate colour control, and the flexibility to create stand-out effects and deliver privacy in a subtle but interesting way. Having worked with Lintec Graphic Films before, I immediately opted to go for their E-2200ZC film again. They not only spend the time to understand my requirements, but also work closely with me to ensure that they provided the best premium film that will deliver the desired results.”

Another key requirement for Stella was the need to deliver excellent optical clarity in the films she used to create privacy on windows and glass partitions. “E-2200ZC’s hard coating offers brilliant scratch resistance, which is particularly beneficial in unprinted areas. It’s as if the graphics and effects are physically printed on the glass! This is especially positive from a designer’s perspective, as it really allows us to push the boundaries of our imagination.”

Stella and her team explored a variety of print effects, such as tiny and frosted features alongside bold use of colour, while the light angles allowed them to create different reflections and colour shadows on the walls.

Stella concludes: “I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the project, and happy that Bolton at Home’s employees agree with the warms colours and inviting atmosphere we created within the formerly ‘clinical’ office. Lintec Graphic Films’ product definitely played a large part in helping us deliver on the brief. As a designer we can create the best possible design, but without the right product we can never properly bring these ideas to life. However, with the E-2200ZC film we can always be confident that we’ll achieve the desired outcome. That, and more.”

Lintec Graphic Films’ E-2200ZC is a UV-printable gloss polyester with exceptional scratch-resistance. The non-PVC film combines exceptional optical clarity, ease of installation and impressive environmental credentials. Capable of being printed with any number of colours, E-2200ZC allows designers to devise vibrant, eye-catching glass surface treatments. Light transmission, colour and positioning can all be varied to provide bespoke treatments tailored to the nature of the space.

Fading can also be applied to all parts of the film, enabling see-through/privacy manifestation as required. A high-specification self-adhesive coating ensures both installation and removal are quick and clean, causing minimal disruption to the working environment and enabling cost-effective rapid re-brand and ‘refresh’ programmes. All Vitrocolour films are cleanroom-manufactured to avoid contamination by dust particles, and hard-coated for scratch-resistance and durability.