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Fujifilm Graphic Systems EMEA

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Campaign Market Focus

High quality print (offset, digital and flexographic)


Social media strategy, content development and channel management

The Brief

For a decade AD Communications has supported Fujifilm Graphic Systems EMEA across a range of promotional activities, including: media liaison, event and exhibition support, product launch events and campaigns, customer testimonial videos, case study and press release creation and distribution, and high level strategy and messaging.

Since April 2017 AD Communications has also been responsible for running a comprehensive social media lead generation campaign for Fujifilm across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

With responsibility for content creation, scheduling, posting and community management and engagement, AD Communications was tasked with delivering quality leads across Europe using paid and organic social media.

This was to form a key part of a wider, ongoing digital marketing campaign involving SEO and digital advertising. AD Communications was required to work closely with both Fujifilm and other specialist agencies to integrate Fujifilm Graphic Systems’ social strategy with other aspects of the digital campaign and with wider communications activities. The ultimate goal of all of this was to deliver quality leads to Fujifilm Graphic Systems’ national and regional sales teams.


Given AD Communications’ sector expertise and specialist Fujifilm product knowledge, we were well placed to create an effective, long-term social media communications strategy.

Beginning with a thorough audit of Fujifilm’s social media accounts, we analysed the breakdown of followers and identified key areas in which to target new followers and engage them in relevant conversations. We conducted a ‘social listening’ project to identify the most prevalent types of conversation that were happening in the industry and among competitors, and we then worked closely with Fujifilm and with external agencies to identify key product and messaging priorities.


Aligning Fujifilm social media messaging with wider communications activities was key. As the creators and originators of a large amount of written and visual Fujifilm content, we were well placed to adapt and repurpose this content for various social channels, thereby reinforcing key messages, bringing news stories to a broader audience and targeting potential customers and influencers.

Our ongoing, daily social media activity involves amplifying news coverage, reinforcing key messages, driving traffic to bespoke landing pages and content hubs and, ultimately, delivering leads for Fujifilm sales people to follow up.


In addition to organic social media activity, we turned to promoted posts to reach key target audiences beyond existing followers. In particular, this strategy has been used for posting non-English language content and bringing it to the attention of a new audience. Delivering specific content in this way and tracking the activity of those who engage with it has proven another successful avenue for driving traffic and generating leads.


Social media is about conversations and our engaging content posted on behalf of Fujifilm has prompted technical questions, requests for information and meeting requests to discuss specific products. Followers have increased steadily (and exponentially in the case of LinkedIn where our focus has been heaviest), but it’s not just about numbers. We’re constantly analysing who the new followers are, identifying which are potential leads and passing that information on for Fujifilm sales teams to follow up.


In the 18 months since this ongoing campaign began, we’re delighted with the contribution we’ve been able to make towards Fujifilm’s lead capture targets and are keen to continue to build on this success.

The Outcomes

Delivery of high-quality leads for flagship products

Trebling of LinkedIn organic follower numbers, again, many of them legitimate sales leads

Consistent, month-on-month growth in Twitter follower numbers, many of them potential new customers

Substantial increase in audience engagement levels