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The Brief

Every year FESPA commissions video content at its Global Print Expo – an event which typically welcomes more than 20,000 visitors through its doors. Historically, the video team has captured general footage around the show to convey the essence of the event in a series of highlights videos, as well as a conducting a handful of interviews with event sponsors. To date, these videos have been primarily hosted on YouTube and subsequently shared via social channels and FESPA’s e-marketing to visitors.

In 2019, following conversations with the AD visual content team about how we could glean greater value from the on-site video crews, FESPA decided to do things a little differently. We were asked to suggest how more valuable footage could be captured, for use to support corporate communications and as part of the wider promotional campaign for the FESPA 2020 Global Print Expo in Madrid.


Our approach was to look at a more defined remit for the video team at the event, extending beyond ‘surface content’ and focussing on harnessing the wealth of expertise held by visitors at FESPA.

Our aim was to create more meaningful video content that would:

  • Build awareness of the importance of FESPA as a global federation of Associations
  • Prove the value of attending or exhibiting at FESPA events
  • Endorse FESPA’s wider value to the community
  • Demonstrate how FESPA helps to shape the industry, set the agenda, encourage debate and promote best practice
  • Support member recruitment
  • Promote the value of show sponsorship
  • Create excitement about the next FESPA Global Print Expo and drive registration

To achieve this, we broke our suggestions down into four categories:

  1. Personality (putting a face to the 2019 event)
  2. Enthusiasm (creating a ‘buzz’ around key show features to drive footfall and encourage exploration)
  3. Substance (adding a deeper level to content, enabling debate and leading the industry narrative)
  4. Relevance (creating content that shows the industry’s progression from one year to the next)

This more extensive content remit relied on ‘deep dive’ on-camera interviews with industry experts over the week of the event, requiring significant advance planning. Visitors and exhibitors at FESPA shows have full agendas, so securing time in diaries was our first priority to make the proposed content achievable.

We also proposed to work with a dedicated camera operator who would accompany our AD interviewer around the event over three days to conduct more than 30 interviews. This crew exclusivity was imperative to ensure that an all-important rapport could be built between interviewer and camera operator, and to enable footage to be shot in sequence (as far as possible) for efficient post-editing.

The Tactics

In the space of just three days on site we captured more than 14 hours of interview footage, meaning that in addition to the 13 videos we produced immediately after the event, FESPA has a wealth of additional content for use in future campaign assets.

Immediate video content included:

  • 3 presented explainer videos on key educational and interactive show features. The purpose of these videos will be to encourage footfall to the same features at FESPA 2020 by explaining their context and highlighting the benefitsfor visitors
  • A video for the newly launched Sportswear Pro 2020 exhibition, to support exhibitor and visitor promotion
  • 4 sector-specific vox pops addressing current trends and predictions on how these are likely to evolve by FESPA Global Print Expo 2020, for use to promote the 2020 event
  • 5 long-form interviews on pertinent industry topics to support the print community and demonstrate FESPA’s commitment to knowledge sharing within the wider speciality
    print community.