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The Brief

FESPA’s annual Global Summit brings together senior managers from major print businesses across the globe. Over two days, it’s a chance for leaders in speciality print to connect with their industry peers, discuss trends and challenges, and explore opportunities to grow their businesses.

In January 2019, knowing that the Summit would bring together such a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in one place, FESPA was keen to explore how to capture thought leadership content during the event to inform and educate the wider speciality print community.

FESPA called on us to propose an integrated content strategy that would also support the 2019 FESPA Global Print Expo campaign theme – ‘Explosion of Possibilities’. A key challenge was to do this while working around a jam-packed schedule of conference sessions and networking activities.


Our proposal centred on capturing extensive content at the Global Summit to support sustained multichannel activity across the FESPA corporate and event websites and social media channels running up to the opening of FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 in Munich five months after the Summit.

To develop the content plan, our first focus was on the Global Summit agenda and the presentations being made by industry thought leaders. Our aim was to document the information they shared and distil this for wider use after the event. The second source of information to consider was the expert knowledge held by the Summit delegates themselves. We explored how best to capture and use this insight to bring to life FESPA’s campaign theme and drive footfall to the flagship Munich exhibition, while also sharing useful insights on industry trends to provide peer-to-peer support to those not attending the Global Summit.

As a federation of national associations for screen, digital and textile printing, it was important for FESPA to address topics of interest to audiences across various specialist sectors of the print community, from retail and packaging to printed electronics and interior décor.

We used our in-depth experience of FESPA’s key communications channels, and our knowledge of these audiences’ content preferences, to devise an integrated digital content plan using LinkedIn, Twitter,, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

With an audience of print specialists in mind, we also planned for the creation of a printed white paper exploring the key themes of the Global Summit in more depth, to distribute at events and share with FESPA’s member community.

The Tactics

To capture the initial content, we took a two-man video crew to the Global Summit in Dubai. To make the most effective use of time on-site, detailed planning was crucial.

Having agreed to conduct on-site interviews with a third of the delegates representing a range of specialist sectors, we prepared delegates for their interviews in advance, organised on-camera interviews in Dubai and edited all video content post-event.

With FESPA’s social and owned platforms in mind, we also created specific edits to the appropriate length, focusing on the content that would deliver highest engagement levels on each platform.

Using footage from the interviews, each of which gave around 10 minutes of useable content, we also created a promotional ‘vox pop’ to encourage visitor registrations to FESPA Global Print Expo 2019, including soundbites from Summit delegates explaining the value of FESPA exhibitions to them and their businesses. This material has had an extended shelf-life as promotional content for FESPA Global Print Expo 2020 in Madrid.

Having also filmed each individual Global Summit presentation, we distilled the speakers’ content into a topical white paper entitled ‘Digitise. Automate. Connect’. This reflected the key event discussion points and included a series of ‘Summit Stories’ capturing comments from delegates. To date the printed white paper has been distributed at key industry events, with plans to make it available digitally via FESPA’s owned channels.

The Outcomes

1,318 combined views of content on YouTube. Note: Social edits were posted natively

3,550+ combined impressions of the Global Summit video content on LinkedIn

1,450 combined native views of social edits on Twitter

2,058 combined views of the Global Summit video content on Facebook