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The Brief

Long-term AD client, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe, wanted to create a high-quality coffee table book to mark eight years of partnership with the charity WaterAid.

In addition to offering financial support (more than half a million pounds over eight years), Fujifilm had always wanted to help WaterAid showcase some of the valuable work they do using the medium of ultra-high quality print. This is where ‘Madagascar in the Frame’ was born. With images shot on the Fujifilm X-T3 and instax SQUARE SQ10, and printed on the Fujifilm Jet Press 750S, this was to be a coffee table book of the highest visual quality.

And in order to write the book – and tell the stories of heartache and hope behind the photographs – Fujifilm turned to AD Communications.


The purpose of the book was threefold: to document WaterAid’s vital work in a visually powerful way; to demonstrate the capabilities of Fujifilm photographic equipment; and to showcase the quality of Fujifilm digital print. To ensure that all three objectives were met, and all stakeholders satisfied with the end product, we worked closely with numerous representatives from Fujifilm and WaterAid, as well as the book’s freelance designer and photographer.

To emphasise the life-changing consequences of gaining access to clean, fresh water, the plan was to contrast the personal stories of those without any access to clean water with first-hand accounts from
those who had recently been provided with it. To gather these stories – and the photographs to bring them to life – a Fujifilm-appointed photographer, travelling with WaterAid personnel, visited two
villages in Madagascar. Both were the site of WaterAid projects, one recently finished and one scheduled to begin in the near future.

The numerous photographs of daily life, the people and surrounding landscapes, and interview transcripts with children, parents and grandparents collected on this trip provided the basis for the book. Furthermore, instax photos taken by children in the villages during Fujifilm-sponsored photographic workshops added a unique angle to the story, as well as providing their families with permanent mementos.

We worked closely with all the project stakeholders to construct a compelling narrative to tie the book together and to do justice to the stunning imagesand moving stories that were to be included.

The Tactics

With so many people involved in the project, regular calls and face-to-face meetings were arranged to ensure that the various elements moved forward in unison. We began by mapping out a suggested outline for the book – which was amended and refined during conversations with the other stakeholders. We then conducted extensive research into Madagascar, its history, culture and people, to provide some context for the personal stories that would follow.

Collectively we agreed which images and stories to include and the next challenge was then how to approach the writing.

With interview transcripts that (especially in the case of the children) were very similar to one another and fairly short, and with only very limited information available on the interviewees, we worked hard to vary the structure of each story to ensure it didn’t become too repetitive.

Draft chapters were reviewed by both Fujifilm and WaterAid and edited and amended until all parties were happy.

The Outcomes

A high quality, 160-page book of stunning images and personal stories

A new way for WaterAid to engage with and thank long-term supporters

A strong demonstration of Fujifilm’s expertise and heritage in photography

A powerful way to showcase the standard of Fujifilm digital print technology