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The benefits and pitfalls of a packaging rebrand

Author: Cerys Traylor

A key component of most product rebrands is packaging. Often the consumer’s first interaction with a product, we all know how important packaging is within the purchasing journey and the emotional response it can elicit. But did you know it can make or break a rebrand and consequently hit sales?


Opportunities in decorative and functional digital printing

Author: Helen Tolino

Digital printing continues to extend its sphere of influence beyond its comfort zone both within the graphic arts sector and beyond. Looking past traditional commercial print applications such as books, magazines, newspapers and printed marketing collateral, the latest printing technologies are increasingly being used within the manufacturing process for a broader range of products. This ongoing migration offers commercial print service providers (PSPs) real opportunities for growth.


Print and Smart Data

Author: Paul Spiers

After the meteoric and unescapable wave of Big Data, the time has come to start thinking about Smart Data.


Packaging trends in 2016

Author: Michael Grass

In our recent blog on the key print trends we expect to see in 2016, we cited research that estimated that the packaging industry will be valued at more than £277 billion by 2020, representing almost 50% of the whole printing market. That is some serious growth forecasted right there…


2016: Key print trends to look out for

Author: Greg Mills

In our blog a few weeks ago, we kicked off 2016 by looking at what we could expect from this year’s drupa. We concluded that there was great cause for optimism, given print’s ongoing resurgence as a powerful marketing and communication tool and its emergence as a creative and effective medium in new vertical markets.


Cinemagraphs in B2B Marketing

Author: Patrick Anderson

The use of cinemagraphs – enriched photographs that feature a minor or repeated movement in some capacity to create the illusion of watching a video – was one of the marketing trends of 2015. Major brands such as Coca-Cola, Netflix and Budweiser explored the format to great effect as they brought their images to life in sleek, artistic ways to grab consumer attention. Their emergence was a subtle touch in a visually hectic online world.

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