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Social media: a vital strand of your communications strategy

Author: Joanna Muggeridge

When I first started working on AD’s own social media strategy, it’s fair to say that at the time the B2B world - including those industries we operate in -was only taking baby steps in ‘social’. There was a lot of scepticism as to its benefits, and not a little confusion about the platform offerings.


Are B2B brands missing a trick by freezing out ‘paid’ media?

Author: Shireen Shurmer

With budgets under pressure and everyone in pursuit of the holy grail of measurable return on investment, many B2B brand owners have consciously diverted spend away from trade media advertising in favour of other marketing activities. But, faced with the challenge of prioritising investment across an increasingly diverse set of channels, are B2B marcomms teams in danger of missing a trick by ignoring a proven route to market?



A fresh and independent take on the marketing and media landscape? Kids!

Author: AD Communications

Airports are one of my recurrent destinations and I consider them an interesting location from a sociologic perspective. You see people from different walks of life and, if you are an attentive observer, their looks, attitude and behaviour speak volumes about them.



Perpetual Print

Author: Lucy O'Dea

As I sat on the train to London the other day, I started to take notice of the way my fellow travellers were busying themselves during their journey. Many were wired in to their headphones listening to music, others were texting on their phones and a couple had Kindles and iPads. But what struck me was just how many commuters boarded the train with a copy of the Metro – good old fashioned hard copy print – and the world’s largest free newspaper with a print run of 1.3m copies! These passengers duly digested the latest news before popping their copy on the seat beside them and then leaving at their respective stops. What fascinated me was what happened to these newspapers next. A new occupant would come along, pick up the same newspaper, read it, put it down and then leave the train and so on. My journey in to London is quite a lengthy one, so you can imagine just how many times this happened.


On The Road

Author: Patrick Anderson

I have recently enrolled in the government’s Cycle2Work scheme and am now the proud owner of a 7-gear hybrid bicycle named Mary-Lou (after the ‘heroine’ of Jack Kerouac’s aptly titled novel On The Road). Like thousands of other Londoners encouraged and inspired by both the introduction of the ‘Boris Bikes’ back in 2010 and by Bradley Wiggins’s haul of Olympic gold last summer, I have waved goodbye to the much-maligned public transport system and have taken to the road.


3D printing, what’s all the fuss?

Author: AD Communications

3D printing is making headlines on a daily basis across many industries; from medical scientists creating a replacement ear using a 3D printer and injections of living cells, to a musician 3D printing his very own 'Stradivarius' Violin made up of 3D printed instruments. It is this exciting new technology and innovation that seems to be driving the future of print. Well, it is certainly getting people talking about it!


What a waste!

Author: AD Communications

When my package from a well known online shopping site arrived I thought, “I’m sure I didn’t order that much!” and I was right, I didn’t. The small item I’d ordered was lost among the reams of brown packing paper and in a box big enough to fit my 2 year old in!

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