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Weddings on demand

Author: Kerry Rice

I have a question for magazine publishers everywhere. In the age of digital printing, when homesick antipodeans can pick up the same copy of the Sydney Morning Herald in London as is on newsstands in Australia that day, why can’t we get a copy of any magazine from anywhere in the world printed digitally on demand and delivered to us?

Waitrose trolleys
Attribution: Some rights reserved by lilivanili (Flickr creative commons)


Choose life. Choose health. Choose print & packaging. Choose cross media campaigns.

Author: Joanna Muggeridge

Any client or media friend who’s visited us here at AD in Esher will most likely know that Waitrose is one of the most frequently visited shops in town - if only as our working lunches are generally purchased there! So, it almost goes without saying that I seem to spend a fair amount of time (and money!) in this high street supermarket chain, and therefore can’t fail to notice any offers or brand introductions.


The wonderful world of labels and films

Author: AD Communications

I recently started working for a client that specialises in providing innovative products for label and window applications, which naturally raised my awareness to the different types of product in this market – much to the amusement of my friends, especially if I decide to inspect a clever piece of print on a night out!



Polite as an English, direct as an Italian

Author: AD Communications

Since I joined AD my colleagues have been asking me to write a piece regarding my views on business and lifestyle in England, pointing out the main differences with my country. Such a huge topic!



Back to the Future?

Author: AD Communications

Space, the final frontier, these are voyages...and you know the rest. In the 60s, 70s, 80s and even the 90s, television and film depicted the humans of the future as great explorers, ‘we’ were an active species. In Back to the Future we glided round the streets on hover boards, in Star Trek we sought out new life and new civilisations and in Planet of the Apes...well we were slaves controlled by the giant apes we created, but that’s neither here nor there.


Print Stinks

Author: Shireen Shurmer

A few cultural outings are vital to break up the long school holidays and this week we ventured out to see ‘Mr Stink’, which brings to life David Walliams’ children’s book for the stage.  The story – for those without young offspring – concerns the friendship between a young girl and an old tramp, the eponymous Mr Stink, through whom the young heroine and her family learn some valuable life lessons.


Convince the buyers that AVEs are inconsistent and we’ll get new standards sooner...

Author: Greg Mills

Interesting to read that Ogilvy PR Worldwide is going out on its own to drop AVEs and roll out new global standards for measurement later this year.  Rather unfortunate, though, that the internal announcement obviously didn’t get through to the agency’s top man in Europe, who according to the PR Week report, was ‘initially unaware of the plans’!  Anyway, getting back to the story itself, Ogilvy deserves some measure – no pun intended! - of congratulations for their planned actions. 


The Joy of Books

Author: Joanna Muggeridge

I’ve just finished a really good book. I absolutely couldn’t put it down, and, when I did pause for breath to surface away from the story I was captivated by, I wondered if my experience would have been the same had I been reading it on a Kindle or an iPad.

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