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Is creativity still the leading theme or just a supporter of advertising media

Author: AD Communications

Sometimes I get lost reading articles on groundbreaking marketing campaigns tips, allegedly innovative Apps and trends on social media. Together with on-line advertising, social media seem to dominate the marketing landscape and people tend to use this magic word in every context, even when inappropriate. 


The case of the embarrassing mystery packaging

Author: Shireen Shurmer

A long wait in a foreign airport recently prompted me to visit the sweet shop for a sugar hit and a packet of chewing gum.  Expecting to find the familiar green and blue packs of spearmint et al, I was somewhat confounded.  In the usual spot beside the cash register was an array of discreetly branded matt black packages, featuring a classy embossed effect and the simple words ‘cobalt’ and ‘turbulence’ reversed out of the black in bright primary colours. So discreet, that I assumed these must be - how shall I say this - prophylactics.  Apparently recognising my confusion, the sales assistant reassured me that the product was indeed chewing gum, and clarified the choice of refreshing mint or water melon flavours.


Think Christmas, think Print!

Author: AD Communications

Every year it creeps up on us, and every year we cannot believe it is that time of year again. It’s Christmas and it's coming soon!


QR Code? What's that?

Author: Shireen Shurmer

My husband’s trade magazine of choice dropped through the letterbox this week (It’s Automated Trader, in case you were interested. I know. And you thought your job was dull. ) The magazine sported a belly band promoting a financial information provider, with a QR code driving the recipient to a dedicated micro site. So far, so good. Great integration of print and online, I hear you cry.

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Weddings on demand

Author: Kerry Rice

I have a question for magazine publishers everywhere. In the age of digital printing, when homesick antipodeans can pick up the same copy of the Sydney Morning Herald in London as is on newsstands in Australia that day, why can’t we get a copy of any magazine from anywhere in the world printed digitally on demand and delivered to us?

Waitrose trolleys
Attribution: Some rights reserved by lilivanili (Flickr creative commons)


Choose life. Choose health. Choose print & packaging. Choose cross media campaigns.

Author: Joanna Muggeridge

Any client or media friend who’s visited us here at AD in Esher will most likely know that Waitrose is one of the most frequently visited shops in town - if only as our working lunches are generally purchased there! So, it almost goes without saying that I seem to spend a fair amount of time (and money!) in this high street supermarket chain, and therefore can’t fail to notice any offers or brand introductions.


The wonderful world of labels and films

Author: AD Communications

I recently started working for a client that specialises in providing innovative products for label and window applications, which naturally raised my awareness to the different types of product in this market – much to the amusement of my friends, especially if I decide to inspect a clever piece of print on a night out!


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