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Northprint: Back in business…

Author: Lucy O’Dea

As I walked the halls of the Harrogate International Centre the day before the opening of Northprint  2011, I couldn’t help thinking how it never  fails to surprise me how such organised chaos of the final preparations all come together in time to ensure the exhibition looks so perfect  when the doors open to the public.   And, who would have thought during that final set up day that within just half an hour of those doors opening, the first sale of the day would have been secured.  Talking to the exhibitors who made the sale, they too were rather taken aback at the speed of their first order.  But it just goes to show, be ready and never underestimate the attention you should give to those first through the door.


Long Live Princess Catherine, Long Live Print!

Author: AD Communications

The fact that fashion weekly Grazia delayed its print deadline in order to produce an ‘insightful, authoritative and exciting issue’ covering the Royal Wedding, and that Hello! brought forward its publication to the 1st May, has made me think about the position print occupied during and directly following the Royal Wedding.

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